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Green Policy

Green Policy

Learning about the issues of pollution and global warming, and being reminded that we can make a difference, is the beginning of all. We, the management and the staff of the Govino Bay beach hotel in Corfu acknowledge the responsibility and obligation to commit ourselves towards the environment and the people. Certain actions have already taken place and more will be involved in the near future to fulfill our goals.

Our actions, objectives and goals:

Energy Green Policy

  • Use of energy-saving light bulbs at all public areas and guest apartments.
  • Main switch in guest apartments operating with a card.
  • Gradual replacement of air-conditioning units in every apartment with new energy saving Inverter units.
Certificate from the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation. Date 2019

Recycling Environmental Policy

  • Special (blue) bins for aluminum, glass, plastic and paper are in operation within our resort.
  • Special bin for batteries (at reception area).
  • Recycling of all office waste products (cartridges, toner, electric appliances), and reuse of printing paper
  • By using rotating buckets, shredders and composters of large scale produce great quantities of natural organic garden fertilizer. Govino Bay has a very large area covered by grass and about 800 trees. This method of composting and converting all organic (carbon and nitrogen) into organic fertilizer, we make no burden to rubbish dump with our residues.

Currently, we are using only garden wastes. Our objective is to enrich our natural fertilizer with organic waste from every guest’s kitchen. Our goal is to dispose only the 15% of our total waste production.


All of the cleaning products used in Corfu beach resort Govino bay are certified as biodegradable. No toxic chemicals are used.


A card has been placed in every apartment of Govino Bay beach hotel in Corfu, giving guests the opportunity to support our effort by defining the frequency of towels replacement.


  • Cooperation with a certified pest control company.
  • Minimal use of chemicals pesticides. We use our natural fertilizer in our gardens