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Govino Bay Corfu Hotel is located next to the village of Gouvia, 5 miles northbound of Corfu city, 4.3 miles from the Corfu Seaport and 6.2 miles 6 miles northbound of Corfu International Airport, "Ioannis Kapodistrias" (CFU).
From Corfu airport follow the signs initially for the Corfu city center and then for the Corfu seaport. Pass the seaport and continue your way to the main road until you see the signs to turn right for the national road of Paleokastritsa. 4 miles later and after the sign of Gouvia Village you should make a right and enter to the service road (at Jet Oil gas station) until you reach Govino Bay Corfu hotel entrance.

Gouvia Corfu 491 00 Greece

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Corfu (or Kerkyra) owes its reputation to Ulysses (Odyssey). Homer gives the first travel diary in the world and the first text with descriptions and information about Phaeacia (Corfu).

There are many reasons to travel Corfu, as the Ionian island offers a great variety of attractions to the visitor, from the old town of Corfu, to the new city of Corfu and the numerous museums and historical buildings.
The old town of Corfu was inscripted in 2007 in the World Heritage list of UNESCO. Historically, its roots go back to the 8th century BC and to the Byzantine period. Having been ruled by different ethnicities throughout the years, (Venetians, French, British and Greeks), the city of Corfu assemblies a mixture of fine architecture engineering and unique cultural and religious traditions.
The city of Corfu with its commercial, social and cultural centre provides a complete service which includes banking, a variety of modern shops, antique shops, restaurants, entertainment local taverns, theatrical plays and concerts in the gardens of Mon Repo Palace, museums, Achilleon Palace, Othon Palace, and many other activities. Such activities are, the Corfu Golf Club in the plain of Ropa (17 km or 9.2 miles), the Croquet club of Corfu (6 km 3.5 miles) and Casino of Corfu Island (3 km or 1.8 miles).
Corfu Island is one of the top destinations of Greece. And it is also one of the greener islands of the country. Therefore, the beautiful countryside, the diversity of coasts along with the walks to the Corfu old town and visits to the Archeological museums and historical buildings, will charm every guest. So travel Corfu and book Corfu vacation
Govino Bay location facilitates the exploration of all the above, since buses, to the city of Corfu as well as for other destinations around the Ionian island of Corfu, run frequently just in front of our entrance.
Learn more and travel Corfu to spend the most exciting Corfu vacation.

Govino Bay Corfu Hotel
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